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WAR IN THE EAST: Bomb Explosion Leaves At Least One Dead and Four Injured Among Returnees in Sake

At least one person has died and four others injured in a bomb explosion attack incident which in the early afternoon of Monday February 19 in the town of Sake of Masisi territory, 27 kilometers from Goma.

According to the President of the civil society of the Kamuronza group, whose capital is Sake, the victims were among those who had been displaced by very recent violent clashes and had returned to the town to stock up on food and various other products. first necessity.

“It was around 1:30 p.m. that a bomb was dropped by the M23/RDF in the middle of the town of Sake. It has just caused material and human damage. We have already recorded one death and four injured. The deceased is a 12 year old child.

The victims were returning from Goma and Mugunga. These are residents who went to stock up on food and retrieve some goods that they left in their homes. Unfortunately, a bomb fell on them. The injured are taken to the hospital,” says Muisha Busanga Léopold of the civil society.

Since the resumption of hostilities between the FARDC, supported by the Wazalendo and the M23/RDF rebels in the territory of Masisi, at least twenty (20) people have been killed and many injured in “indiscriminate bombings” by the rebels.



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