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VOTER REGISTRATION: Premier In Lubumbashi To Launch Second Phase

Prime Minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde Kyenge, arrived yesterday in Lubumbashi to launch the second phase of the voter registration exercise for the December 2023 polls.

The Congolese Head of Government was welcomed by the Governor of the province, Jacques Kyabula Katwe, the politico-administrative authorities, the customary Chiefs and a dancing party.

His procession included a visit to downtown Lubumbashi where hundreds of people had been waiting for him since this morning.

Prime Minister Lukonde will launch the voter registration exercise this morning in Lubumbashi.

This is the second operational area which includes the provinces of Grand Katanga and that of Grand Kasaï, as well as those of South Africa, France and Belgium.

According to the CENI, enrollment will begin first in the provincial capitals, before gradually extending to the interior parts of the provinces.



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