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[VIDEO] US EMBASSY ISSUE ALERT: Kinshasa Demonstration Can Turn Violent

The US Embassy in Kinshasa has cautioned its citizens to stay out of huge gatherings as four leading opposition leaders stage a mass protest this morning.

Moise Katumbi of Ensemble pour le Republique (Together for the Republic), Martin Fayulu of Ecide, Delly Sesanga and Augustin Matata Ponyo are leading their members in peaceful protest on the high cost of living, chaotic electoral process and the unending war in the east.

But the ruling party has also authorized a youth march by ruling party youths, UDPS, in solidarity with President Felix Tshisekedi triggering fears of violent clashes between rival parties.

In its alert, the American Embassy in Kinshasa states that demonstrations are planned for Saturday, May 20, 2023, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

“Approved demonstration routes include the route to the airport, but these may change without notice.

“Increased traffic and police presence are likely.

“U.S. citizens are reminded that demonstrations have the potential to turn violent with little to no warning and are advised to avoid large gatherings, protests, and affected areas,” the notice read.

The Embassy has also released a map that shows the projected demonstration route Americans are advised to avoid.

Supporters of the opposition zeroed the night singing and junilating ahead of the protest this morning.




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