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[VIDEO] THUNDEROUS WELCOME: Katumbi Visits Moba As Thousands Gather To Embrace His Arrival

Opposition leader Moise Katumbi yesterday stopped over in Moba, Tanganyika to pay hommage to the people for giving his party, Together for the Republic, a loyal and faithful member in Christian Mwando.

Katumbi was given a thunderous welcome by a jubilant and celebratory crowd that cheered his visit in the territorial city of Tanganyika.

Tanganyika is one of the four province in Grand Katanga.

The popular leader who is challenging President Felix Tshisekedi in the December 20, 2023 presidential election also took time to urge the people to ensure they registered as voters so they can make their voice heard during the polls.

Katumbi, a wealthy businessman who is immensely popular in Katanga, was blocked from contesting the 2018 election.

Mwando, a national legislative representative from Moba, has been a critical member of the opposition. He left the loose alliance that was created to help stabilize management of the country under the banner Sacred Union to concentrate on the opposition Together for the Republic.

Katumbi says not many people would leave the comfort in government to support the opposition like Mwando and a few others did.



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