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[VIDEO] RESIGN: Fifi Masuka Is Incompetent, She Must Know That Leadership Is Not Sexually Transmitted

Six days before the accident at Mwanga High School, students at the institution visited Lualaba Governor Fifi Masuka and aired their fears on safety issues at the institution.

Instead of acting decisively, she went to Facebook to tell us about an investigation she was instituting.

Today, we have lost lives. She is saying no one has died but there were only injuries.

Shame on Fifi. She is such a dishonorable woman.

If Fifi acted on time, we could have averted the disaster at Mwanga. But for her incompetence, some families are in mourning.

Those students injured may never recover to regain their composure.

Fifi Masuka, a woman who thought having a child out of wedlock with Jean Pierre Bemba, was the best way to become a leader in our politics is at the center of this disaster.

You will see her cozying up to Felix Tshisekedi thinking that is the only way to be a leader.

Fifi is a disaster. She should be ashamed that she has failed the children of Lualaba.

Look at her police office at the scene. Instead of participating in the rescue mission; they are walking around majestically as if attending to her chores.

Fifi has failed the students of Mwanga, she has failed the children of Kolwezi, she has failed the people of Lualaba.

Fifi is a useless leader that does not deserve a place in that office because leadership is not sexually transmitted as she thinks.

Lualaba does not have a good firefighting system. She is such a shame to us all.

We send our sympathy to those who lost their children and those that are nursing injuries.

We are sorry to our children that we have a cable of failures managing the operations of our country.



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