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[VIDEO] REJECTING RACISM: Goma, Lualaba Joins The Rest Of The Country Denouncing Tshiani Law

As growing rejection increase for the discriminatory law on presidential candidates, the Democratic Republic of Congo is becoming more and more aware the legislation will fail.

Residents in Goma took to the streets to denounce the law that seeks to restrict the presidency to individuals without both parents Congolese. It has not been accepted across the country.

In Lualaba, many view the Tshiani Law as an enemy of progress. Small Scale miners who met recently discussed the issue and dismissed it as a destructive piece of legislation to advance. The meeting was held at Gecamines Luilu city in Lualaba.

Small Scale provincial president of Lualaba AECJ Michel Kanyimbu, For the president of the diggers’ management association, the province’s artisanal miners have no operating areas. And they see themselves currently unemployed.

Kanyimbu says unemployment is high in the ranks of the Congolese, more particularly among the artisanal diggers, which is why the country’s leadership should target progressive laws.

“We need laws that should regularize the artisanal mining sector. You come with a law of father and mother. Where are you from and what does your name represent?” The artisanal miners are asking themselves before adding that law and you destabilize the country, what else have you done? The gentleman (Noël Tshani) has already left his family in America: his wife, his children, and parents and he lives in Kinshasa in a hotel. Who does not know Moïse Katumbi here? In his time as governor of Katanga, we had artisanal miners taken care of everywhere. Today all the mining plots have become private property. We don’t want the destabilization of the Congo,” Kanyimbu said.




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