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[VIDEO] KINDU SAYS YES TO KATUMBI: Population Chants, ‘We Want Our Moise!!! We Want Moise!!!’

Multitudes in the town of Kindu, the capital of Maniema Province have massively endorsed common opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi to become the Democratic Republic of Congo ahead of next month’s 2023 General Elections.

On Saturday, Katumbi’s pposition coalition ally and former Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo was in Kindu where throngs of people turned up for the campaign rally.

Matata who withdrew from the presidential race to form a pact with Katumbi, was reassured by the population of Kindu to vote for the popular Candidate Number 3.

“The entire population of Maniema agrees to vote 100% for candidate number 3 Moïse Katumbi” Matata wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

“As the undisputed leader of the entire province, I offered all the votes of Maniema to number 3 who is the obvious candidate. Meet with Moise on Tuesday, November 28 in Kindu.”

Matata also announced Katumbi’s scheduled arrival in the town this Tuesday as he continues his campaign trail.

Matata’s massively attended rally came just a few days after the residents of Kindu rejected incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi who was booed and driven out of the town.




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