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[VIDEO] KILL KATUMBI: Supporters Of President Tshisekedi Declare War Against DRC Opposition Leader

Supporters of ruling party leader President Félix Tshisekedi have taken to social media posting videos calling for the murder of opposition leader Moise Katumbi.

The activists of UDPS posted a video online in which they declared war against Mr. Katumbi, the former Katanga governor, who has indicated he will contest the presidential election in December 2023.

According to one of videos, the pro-Tshisekedi men say they will effectively immediately start destroying campaign materials bearing the name of Mr. Katumbi and his political party Ensemble (Together for the Republic).

They claim that Mr. Katumbi was not Congolese to manage the affairs of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“A foreigner should not be given the management of the country. Moses Katumbi is a Jew. We can’t afford to put a whole country in the hands of a foreigner,” a UDPS supporter.

The hate filled rhetoric comes days after two Ministers in President Felix Tshisekedi’s government launched similar attacks directed at Mr. Katumbi.

Minister of Hydrocarbons Didier Budimbu’s remarks targeting Mr. Katumbi while on a visit to Lubumbashi triggered a massive protest in the second largest city on Thursday.



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