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[VIDEO] KANANGA ATTACK: I Survived Assassination, Says Delly Sesanga

Opposition Envol president Delly Sesanga says the aim to strike his head during a procession in Kananga, Kasai Central was to terminate his life so that he does not continue his political life.

Sesanga has accused President Felix Tshisekedi of creating an environment that has put the lives of his political opponents in danger.

On Saturday, Sesanga was touring Kananga and while waving at people from atop the sunroof of his vehicle a projectile hit his head.

“I was hit by an object. I was injured, I was bleeding but I feel good. I escaped an assassination attempt that should not be trivialised. When a power behaves like this, it only deserves disgust. Can’t we criticize Tshisekedi here in Kasai Province? Tshisekedi must not forget that he is a citizen like any other. And Kasai is not a separate country but a Province,” he said.

The violence perpetrated against Sesanga, who is also a member of parliament, did not spare journalists accompanying him and his supporters in Kananga.

It has been condemned as unacceptable and inexcusable.

Sesanga’s statement on political assassination comes just over two weeks since a high ranking policy figure Chérubin Okende was murdered by Tshisekedi’s state agents in Kinshasa.



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