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[VIDEO] ‘FLYING COFFIN’: Londola Ritual Creates Spectacle In Lubumbashi

Business came to a standatill in Lubumbashi on Wednesday when pallbearers diverted to a house of a person allegedly behind the death of another.

A traditional ritual known as londola practiced predominately among the Lamba, Lunda, Kachokwes and other ethnicities in southern Democratic Republic of Congo and is anchored on the belief that a premature death caused by alleged witchcraft backfires before burial.

The “flying” coffin carrying the deceased is claimed to have the power and propensity to lead ball bearers to a home of a suspected wizard.

This happened in Lubumbashi on Monday when ball bearers were allegedly led by a coffin into the house of the suspected wizard.

Hundreds of Lubumbashi residents turned out to witness the spectacle as the ball bearers held the open casket on its mission vandalising the home of an alleged wizard accused of the death of the deceased.



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