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[VIDEO] FAILED LEADERSHIP: Truck Drivers To Boycott DRC Route Citing Poor Operational Conditions By Tshisekedi

Truck drivers in Southern Africa operating the route between the region and the Democratic Republic of Congo will on August 15, 2023 boycott transportation of goods to the vast Central African nation through Kasumbalesa Border Post exposing the malaise of leadership under President Felix Tshisekedi.

The chaos and failed leadership under President Tshisekedi has created misery for drivers transporting goods to the country.

In addition to risking their lives as security is not guaranteed, drivers are complaining of poor management of the road system, high fees paid to police officers and massive delays.

Truckers are spending as much as four weeks to be cleared at Kasumbalesa Border Post with the convoy stretching from the port of entry to a place known as Mwaiseni which is within 20 kilometers reach of Lubumbashi.

The untold convoy has also created serious congestion on the two lane road as motorists try to create paths in the bushes to reach their destinations.

There is virtually no control initiated by authorities to create a smooth and seamless passage of traffic.

The truckers believe there is no goodwill from the Tshisekedi government to restore order and improve their welfare which has significant bearing on the economic of the country and the region.

Trackers transport various commodities from the region and the world into Congo while also transporting minerals out of the copper rich country.

WATCH THE VIDEO [Share Your Experience as a truck driver or motorist operating the Kasumbalesa to Lubumbashi and Kolwezi route]



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