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[VIDEO] DRC POOR AVIATION RECORD: Plane Misses Runway & Ends Up In Maize Field At Lubumbashi’s Luano Airport

An Aeronautica plane from Kinshasa, the Congolese capital, missed its landing at Luano International Airport in Lubumbashi on Friday March 3, 2023 only to end up in a nearby maize field with 38 passengers on board.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has one of the poorest aviation safety records with most planes especially those that transport passengers on domestic flights old and rarely serviced.

According to an airport source contacted, the accident on Friday occurred 200 meters from the runway at Luano International Airport. All 33 passengers escaped unhurt.

“Yes, it was just the SJL company plane that missed its landing. No loss of human life. There were 33 passengers and all of them came out unhurt,” the source said.

The last accident that occurred at Luano International Airport was May 19, 2021 when two planes, one of which was from the Portuguese company TAP and the other from Ethiopian Airlines, almost clashed mid air at the Luano International Airport in Lubumbashi due to poor communication with ground staff.



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