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[VIDEO] DENISE NYAKERU-TSHISEKEDI: You’ll Be Hounded Out Of Congo Like Mobutu, Says Mac Lushimba

US-BASED political commentator Mac Lushimba has warned First Lady Denise Nyakeru-Tshisekedi that the first family’s plunder of Kolwezi will soon be exposed.

Speaking after Madam Tshisekedi visited Kolwezi last week, Lushimba said the Tshisekedis were pilfering mineral resources out of Katanga.

He warned that a revolution was coming which will not spare criminals like Nyakeru-Tshisekedi and her husband, Felix.

Lushimba said the First Family was duping the people of Congo but that their time, like that of Mobutu Sese Seko, was coming.

Mobutu led the Congo with an iron fist for over 30 years starting in 1963 but fled the country when a revolution led by Laurent Desire Kabila toppled his administration in May 1997.

The once feared Mobutu sought asylum in Morocco where he was buried by a handful of people around him.




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