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[VIDEO] BUSH ESCAPE: Tshisekedi’s Abrupt Stop For A Brief ‘Walk’ In The Shrubs Enroute To Kolwezi Raises Eyebrows

Social media has been inundated by a short clip capturing President Felix Tshisekedi coming out of a shrub after making an abrupt stop enroute to Kolwezi yesterday.

Speculation is rife that the head of state had gone to answer a call of nature.

This plays into the narrative of his failed five years in office.

And a resident of Lisala reminded him of these failures in which he was told off for failing to even construct a pit latrine for the people there.

Tshisekedi has been blowing the trumpet about the world’s capital city of cobalt – Kolwezi.

But between Likasi and Kolwezi, Tshisekedi has failed to construct laybys which are an important ingredient to long distant travelers.

It is very sad to see the Head of State subjected to such speculation and ridicule when he could have worked hard to make the habitable for all, including himself.




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