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UNJUST DETENTION: Human Rights NGOs Call For Release of Detained Opposition Party Executive

The Voice of the Voiceless for Human Rights (VSV) have issued a statement calling for the immediate and unconditional release of opposition ECiDé Party Executive Luv Malembe N’kuru who is currently under military detention.

N’kuru was on Wednesday taken into custody at the Military Audit Base in Bunia, Ituri Province after visiting a member of the civil society also being detained by at the same military base.

Circumstances behind the military’s move to arrest N’kuru have not been revealed, raising concern from the VSV as well as the ECiDé party.

The VSV have called on the state authorities to oversee the release of N’kuru or in an event of serious charges filed against him, be given chance to undergo fair legal proceedings with no harassment or extortion.

The organization has also reiterated its call to the government to uphold and respect human rights and also reminded the state that fundamental freedoms of citizens was the pillar of a democratic society.

The government of President Felix Tshisekedi has deployed heavy handed schemes to frustrate the opposition with arbitrary and illegal arrests that are motivated by false charges.

Opposition leader Moise Katumbi’s senior special advisor Salomon Kalonga Della has been in military prison in Kinshasa for over 60 days now on false charges.

Another ally of Katumbi, Mike Mukebayi, is also in custody over trumped up charges engineered by Tshisekedi.



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