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TSHISEKEDI WANTS KATUMBI IN EXILE: Ensemble Official Exposes Scheme To Keep Opposition’s Strongest Candidate Out

Christian Mwando, a senior member of the opposition Ensemble pour la République, has confirmed speculation that the persecution of special advisor Salomon Kalonda is part of the scheme to throw Moise Katumbi out of the race for president in the upcoming December 20, 2023 elections.

Katumbi is seen as the strongest opposition candidate with Tshisekedi and his leadership targeting to slap him with false charges of colluding with Rwanda to overthrow the government as a way of not facing him at the ballot.

Sources in government have disclosed that Salomon, kidnapped on May 30, 2023 before being detained in a military location and later falsely charged with possession of a fiream and collusion with M23 rebels, is only a scapegoat to get at Katumbi.

But Mwando has emerged strongly to denounce the scheme by Tshisekedi and his team without referring to the specifics.

He writes on twitter, “all that is being done is to terrorize us and make us prisoners or send us in exile.

“But we will go to the elections. And we will not flee. The people have five months to decide.”

The DRC will go to the polls in December with Tshisekedi seeking a second term in office.



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