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TSHISEKEDI THE DEVIL: Free Salomon Kalonda Della

While President Felix Tshisekedi and his associates are sipping on champagne, coffee and expensive Belgium alcohol, Salomon Kalonda Della, the senior special advisor to Moise Katumbi has to endure the sight of bed-bugs, lice and all manner of filth at Ndolo Military Prison.

It’s 60 days now that Salomon was thrown into prison for not committing any crime but just for Tshisekedi to satisfy his devilish appetite to punish innocent lives.

Salomon has not committed any crime. The charges proferred on him are frivolous. They are embarrassing to even talk about.

But Tshisekedi has kept an innocent man in jail all to keep power. Tshisekedi’s ending will be worse than Mobutu Sese Seko. Those his floating cheeks will melt like butter glazed by a hot knife.

That his tummy filled with the pizza he used to deliver as a driver for Papa Jones or whatever delivery company it was will shrink as if it was hit by severe diarrhea.

Tshisekedi must free Salomon unconditionally. His hands are already smeared with Chérubin Okende’s blood. He better not invite more blood on his hands.

Free Salomon.



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