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TSHISEKEDI ORDERS SHAMEFUL TRIAL: Critically Ill Kalonda Della Forced To Appear Before Court

Ruthless DR Congo President Fèlix Tshisekedi has ordered the authorities to see to it that his “personal prisoner” Salomon Kalonda Della is taken out of hospital to stand trial at Ndolo Military Prison at 09:00 hours on Thursday 2nd November, 2023.

Accused of conspiring with the M23 Rebels to overthrow Tshisekedi, Kalonda Della has been in police custody since May 30 when he was arrested before falling critically ill with doctors unable to declare him to stand trial since last month.

However, authorities have surprisingly disregarded the doctors’ provision and ordered that Kalonda be transferred to Ndolo Military Prison and appear before the judges on Thursday irrespective of his current health state.

The authorities’ decision is seen as one taken out of panic mode having come under pressure from President Tshisekedi who cannot wait to see Kalonda, a special advisor to his strongest competitor and popular opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi, imprisoned right away.

According to relatives, Kalonda remains in a critical health condition and dependant on an oxygen concentrator for his survival.



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