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TSHISEKEDI IS HIS OWN ENEMY: Incompetent Tshisekedi The Genesis of DR Congo’s Problems

Member of the National Assembly André Claudel Lubaya has blamed President Fèlix Tshisekedi for the current tumultuous state that the Democratic Republic of Congo is currently facing.

Lubaya, leader of the opposition l’Union Democratique du Afrique (UDA) party, has pointed out Tshisekedi’s inability to govern the nation steadily and deliver to his promises over the past five years as the main causes of the ongoing chaos in the DR Congo.

The DR Congo is currently facing major problems including persistent insecurities in the eastern part of the country, economic hardships as well as several other challenges.

“After 5 years of exercising absolute power, President Tshikesedi is solely responsible for the current situation, as experienced throughout the country” Lubaya wrote on X.

“He cannot place this responsibility on anyone except himself. He was brought to power to assume and not to evade. Félix Tshisekedi’s enemy is Fatshi Béton and no one else.”

Lubaya also stressed out Tshisekedi and his government’s ill tendency to blame others while they are the main characters in charge of country and responsible of managing the situation.

“Everything is done under his leadership. It is he alone who governs but does not act. Who promises and doesn’t deliver! 5 years later, it is up to him to emerge from his usual political blindness and autism to face the realism necessary for the presidential function, by rising to the height of the position he occupies to govern our country with skill, method, sobriety and responsibility. It is at the back of the wall that we know the mason, they say.

Its accountability is in terms of results, and not in the number of recriminations or scapegoats. 5 years later, the theory of blaming others convinces no one. This excessive and manipulative populism is a dangerous poison for our society and our democracy. A society as traumatized and as fragmented as ours cannot find solutions to its problems through simplistic recipes.

Far from it, Abraham Lincoln said: “You can deceive some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you cannot deceive all the people all the time.” To meditate!” he concluded.

The M23 Rebel Group have continued to sweep and advance through the province of North Kivu, eastern DRC, where the Congolese army and supporting missions are struggling to contain the rampant fighters.



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