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TSHISEKEDI GOING FOR KATANGESE: Gen. Eddy Kapend Arrest On Orders From Tshisekedi’s Mother

Former ADC for late Democratic Republic of Congo president Laurent Desire Kabila, General Eddy Kapend, has been arrested on orders from imposter leader President Felix Tshisekedi.

Gen Kapend, released from prison by Tshisekedi and elevated to General after being appointed leader of the army in Katanga, has fallen on the wrong side of politics.

Preliminary information indicates that Gen Kapend was arrested three days ago for stealing copper ores in the mining area owned by Marthe Kasalu, mother of the Head of State.

Further intelligence information indicate Gen. Kapend’s arrest is part of the bigger scheme to neutralize prominent Congolese personalities.

Gen. Kapend was apparently released with the mission to gradually exterminate his Katangan brothers, and now Tshisekedi blames him for not shedding the blood of his brothers, starting with JOSEPH KABILA KABANGE whose exit from the national territory remains a mystery for the incompetent TSHISEKEDI regime.

EDDY KAPEND did not accomplish the mission.

It is General JONH TSHIBANGU, chief criminal of FÉLIX TSHISEKEDI who also serves as commander of the 22nd Brigade for several months.

• Following the reactions that came from everywhere regarding his clandestine detention, TSHISEKEDI was forced to release him in public without releasing him.

Look carefully at the images, they are TSHISEKEDI criminals who are taking unconvincing selfies alongside EDDY KAPEND to fool the people. His arrest very curiously coincides with the kidnapping of BARNABÉ MILINGANYO, another Kabilist accused of exaggerated loyalty to JOSEPH KABILA KABANGE.

The UDPS is a political rot and the DRC is a time bomb of a disaster in waiting.



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