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TSHISEKEDI ATTACKS KAGAME:”You’re Hitler, You’ll Die Like Hitler”

President Fèlix Tshisekedi has doubled down on his unsavory language towards neighboring leader Paul Kagame describing him as the present day Adolf Hitler.

The reference of Kagame to Germany war monger Hitler may not go down well with Rwanda who is at loggerheads with the DRC over the M23 rebels menacing the east.

Reports show that Kagame is the sponsor of M23 rebels.

During a poorly attended campaign rally in Bukavu, Tshisekedi could not find anything better to discuss about his record as president but attack Kagame.

He rumbled, “since he wanted to behave like Adolf Hitler with expansionist aims, I promise him to end up like Adolf Hitler.”

Tshisekedi has been criticized of focusing on Kagame and Rwanda rather than equipping and reorganizing the Congolese army.

Recently, there has been a massacre of young Congolese recruits sent to the frontline in the east.

Thousands of young recruits have recently arrived against the M23.

As soon as they arrive, the young Congolese troops are systematically sent to the front line. The losses are heavy. The bodies of recruits are buried without their families being informed.

The strategy deployed by Tshisekedi and former rebel leader turned defence minister Jean Pierre Bemba has backfired.



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