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A NEW PRESIDENT FOR CONGO ON THE HORIZON: Top Catholic Leader In Goma Makes Christmas Wish As Tshisekedi Gets Poor Reception

Goma Diocese top priest, Bishop Willy Ngumbi, has made his Christmas wish public pointing to the Democratic Republic of Congo being presented with a new president who will diligently serve the people.

Bishop Ngumbi writes,

“If I have to give you a wish for us Congolese today, which first in 2024 we have a new president. A new president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, but a man who will have the concern for the well-being of the Congolese and not only be President of the Republic to fill his pockets, to fill the pockets of his family, his children, his brothers and sisters, no.

“But a man who will have the concern of the Congolese and the daily life of the Congolese, the social of the Congolese. This is my greatest wish for our country at the moment. That we have an elected president and that the others will accept, since it is he who will have been elected by the population. And that after the elections we will not see these disturbances that we have sometimes seen in our country following the elections. We should have elections that are credible, peaceful but also peaceful.”

Congo go to the polls on December 20 with opposition leader Moise Katumbi enjoying an unassailable lead countrywide.

Incumbent President Felix Tshisekedi and his allies have had a torrid time convincing the masses as to why they should be re-elected.

Tshisekedi was in Goma where his rally recorded an extremely low turn out.

The campaign heads into the final week with both Katumbi and Tshisekedi expected in their strongholds.



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