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TSHIANI LAW SETBACK: It Was Rejected; It’s Here As A Formality, Says Speaker Mboso

President of the National Assembly Christophe Mboso says Noel Tshiani’s Congolite is a proposal that was rejected and stands no chance for consideration to becoming law.

Mboso says the bill which seeks
to eliminate Congolese presidential candidates without two Congolese parents from contesting the December 20, 2023 elections was already dealt with previously.

The bill is targeting Ensemble leader Moise Katumbi whose father is a Greek-Jew who settled in Belgian Congo after fleeing the Holocaust.

Mboso says proponents of the Tshiani Law already know the position of the National Assembly which was communicated to them.

“This proposal had already been rejected and the author had been notified,” he says.

Mboso made the remarks in a communiqué to the plenary session on Thursday, April 20.

Mboso made reference to a meeting by diplomats who questioned why a bill that was already rejected by the same assembly was again being admitted for discussion.

“The ambassadors came to see the members of the office to immerse themselves in this. What is it about? The old proposal you rejected it, it is about what, we want explanations ” he explained.

Mboso said parliamentarian Nsingi Pululu, who was the member pushing the proposal on behalf of Tshiani, had already been notified of the rejection of his proposal “which irritates the constitution.”



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