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TRUE CONGOLESE PATRIOT: Moise Katumbi Visits New Farm & Mansion in Bunkeya

Congolese philanthropist and presidential aspirant Moise Katumbi has unveiled his two-storey mansion constructed at his newly acquired farm in his maternal village of Bunkeya in Lualaba Province.

Katumbi has previously said he “do not need sleep in hotels when I travel, I have houses everywhere as I am always building at home (DR Congo).

In his dream of transforming the DR Congo into a self-sustaining food producer, Katumbi has continued to make massive investments into the agricultural sector and acquired a new estate in Bunkeya, his late mother’s home village to add to his M’siri, Futaka and Kashobwe plantations.

On Saturday, the Ensemble Pour la Republique leader in the company of his wife, Madam Carine, inaugurated his newly built mansion before touring the farm where a variety of food produced are being grown at a commercial scale.

Katumbi also plans to build factories and acquire equipment at the farm to set up food processing plant which will give an opportunity to the poor villagers of Bunkeya who have been long neglected by the government.

Scores of locals left their homes out of joy and rushed to Katumbi’s residence to meet their son and was also chanted songs of support for the presidential aspirant.



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