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TRIBALISM: Kasais In Charge Of UDPS Parley Position

National deputy Mike Mukebayi spoke the truth on television but tribalists have gone heavy on him and want to jail him until after the elections.

It’s an attempt to silence the voice of the people.

The tribalism being practiced by President Felix Tshisekedi and his UDPS is there for all to see.

Key government positions are occupied by President Tshisekedi’s tribesmen.

Tribalism and nepotism at the
Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa is as rife as it is in the government (Cabinet) and Presidential advisory circle.

All UDPS positions are allocated to members of one tribe: Kasai or the Lubas.

The Vice Governor is Gecoco Mulumba, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group: Peter
Kazadi (Appointed Vice – Prime Minister for Defence), Vice-Speaker of Provincial Assembly: Francis Tshibalabala, The Political and Legal Commission: Hosee Badibanga appointed provincial government
and replaced Samy Kalonji are all kasais.

It’s unfathomed that the country is driven by a tribal agenda which is in charge of all security agencies that is doing everything to eliminate other tribes who were not in support of the ruling.

President Tshisekedi is running the country down a dangerous path of destruction.



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