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TRAVELLER: President Tshisekedi Returns To Kinshasa After Mbuji Mayi Outing

President Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo returned to Kinshasa on Tuesday after a five-day working visit to Mbuji Mayi, Kasaï Oriental, where he shared the year-end festivities with his tribesmen.

President Tshisekedi is seeking re-election amid frustration from the population over his management of the Congolese economy and national affairs.

Before leaving Mbuji Mayi, the President met five governors of the Grand Kasaï area. The Head of State has given fresh instructions to governors who are his representatives in each province.

President Tshisekedi stressed the realization of the development programme of the 145 territories in each of these decentralised entities.

The President also chaired the meeting of the Provincial Expanded Security Council of Grand Kasaï, attended by Governors Mathias Kabeya of Eastern Kasaï, John Kabeya of Western Kasaï, Jules Lodi of Sankuru, Die Pieme of the Kasaï and Nathan Ilunga Numbi.

Senior officers from FARDC and PNC, Attorney General Mbuji Mayi and other security officials were also present in the meeting.

After the meetings, President Tshisekedi travelled to Mupompa where he inaugurated a modern primary school called it after his late father “Dr Étienne Tshisekedi Wa Mulumba”.

This is a school built by the National Service (SN) and will house 24 classrooms.



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