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TOOTHLESS EX-CONVICT MINISTER: What Really Is Jean-Pierre Bemba’s Role At The Ministry of Defence

A ex-convict of several war crimes and rebel, DR Congo’s Prime Minister of Defence Jean-Pierre Bemba is still only known and described by his past repute.

Since his appointment in April, 2023 by his ally in fraud and crime Fèlix Tshisekedi, Bemba has not one success to boast of in his role as Minister of Defence.

Bemba has so far had no impact or to bring peace in the east despite holding a crucial office in the midst of growing insecurities and war between the FARDC and the M23 Rebel Group suspected to be back by Rwanda.

The ex-rebel leader has only repeatedly accused Rwanda of aggression with no action carried out as the Congolese population continue to lose their lives and live in grave danger.

The only task Bemba has managed to carry out so far is the demolition of the fence walls at former President Joseph Kabila’s GLM residence.

Bemba and the Congolese military remains ineffective despite being one of the most prioritized arms which is allocated a mammoth US$1 Billion annually.

Despite the huge financial support which is given, Bemba has not been able to recover even one territory that is currently occupied by rebels in the east.

Meanwhile, Bemba continues to use his position in government to add to the coffers of his family who now own several mineral concessions.

His departure from government should be imminent especially as the situation in the east continues to deteriorate and need urgent attention for peace to return.



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