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TIME TO CLEAN UP: Marie Josée Ifoku Hands Kadima & CENI Broom To Clean Up Congolese Electoral Process

DRC 2023 Presidential Election candidate Marie Josée Ifoku has presented electoral commission, CENI President Dénis Kadima Kazadi with a broom as a symbol to urge the commission to ensure a transparent, free and fair electoral process in the 20th December polls.

On Thursday, Ifoku became the first woman to join the Congolese presidential race after successfully filing in her nomination at CENI before paying a courtesy call on CENI President Dénis Kadima Kazadi at his office.

The Alliance of Elites For a New Congo (AENC) party leader underlined the importance of publishing the results by each polling station to avoid any issues with the legitimacy of the results recorded which have marred previous elections.

Meanwhile, Ifoku declared that the “time for men was over” and endorsed herself for the presidency with her message of “kombolization”, aimed at putting to an end the system of predation that continues in new free DR Congo state.

“I am the first person to talk about the rupture. In 2018, I spoke about the rupture. The system and the state of predation put in place since the Congo Free State are unfortunately perpetuated through our leaders since independence, until now. It’s as if the people are prey for those who rule. We want to break with this system,” Ifoku said.

So far 15 candidates have successfully filed in their nominations for the presidency ahead with the final day for submission of nominations set for scheduled for Sunday, 8th October.



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