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THREE MAJOR HURDLES: Tshisekedi’s Self-Created Hurdles

There are three obstacles affecting President Felix Tshisekedi’s waning popularity ahead of the December 20, 2023 presidential elections.

These are self created and could have been avoided. Although he may think its a good strategy for him, but he will regret allowing the to shadow the news in the run up to the elections.

Not in any particular order, but the chaotic management of the voter registration which has exposed innumerable weaknesses by the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) led by his tribemate Denis Kadima is negatively affecting the popularity of Tshisekedi. The Congolese population trusted Tshisekedi’s arrival represented a new dawn but this is not the case on the ground.

Secondly, the return to parliament of the bill called “Tshiani Law” is a huge misstep of Tshisekedi. No one needs to possess excess discerning prowess to understand that this is being fronted by Tshisekedi to block opposition leader Moise Katumbi. And Tshisekedi has conveniently kept quiet about. Well, that doesn’t help him either. His previous opposition suggested he didn’t support it. His silence now means he is supporting it and testing the waters. He is enjoying the debate and hoping the population influences the bill in his favor. Unfortunately, its a highly emotive issue because it borders on racism and discrimination. As a result, President Tshisekedi is losing even the little clout he came with to power. The debate is tearing his reputation and bring into question his ability to read situations.

Third, Tshisekedi is watching from afar what is happening in Bunagana. Yet this is a very dangerous situation for the security of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The triumphant entry of UPDF (Ugandan Army) on Sunday in the absence of neutral observers and the FARDC is a materialization of phase two of the occupation of the DRC by foreign armies. The same country that stationed a rebel group in the area is being allowed to come to demonstrate what they have always defended before the international community, their alleged military capacity which would exceed the firepower of the Congolese army and the MONUSCO. It’s a shame we can’t defend our people as the same enemies who failed us are back to haunt.



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