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THEY MUST PAY: Fayulu Calls For The Arrest Of CENI Leaders For Humiliating & Defrauding The Congolese People With Shambolic Elections

Opposition Presidential candidate Martin Fayulu has called for sanctions to slapped on the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) President Dénis Kadima Kazadi and those involved in the organization of the shambolic and fraudulent Presidential Elections.

The DR Congo went to the polls on 20 December to elect a new president and other leaders with the hope that the vote would offer the long disadvantaged Congolese population renewed hope for a better future.

However, the election came short of the people’s expectations as the body entrusted with the responsibility of delivering a flawless election, CENI, failed dismally in their mandate and failed to account for the fortune spent in the electoral process.

Fayulu, one of the leading opposition candidates, has since called for due action to be taken against the perpetrators of the acts of fraud and going against the constitution of the land.

“The fraud planned and executed by the CENI is so blatant and gross that the Republic is today betrayed. The Congolese people are humiliated by Mr. Kadima and the CENI who have systematically violated the Constitution and the electoral law” Fayulu writes.

“By the way, who gave voting machines to individuals with codes and operating instructions?”

He continues; “In addition, CENI members swallowed up $1.3 billion from the public treasury in a sham election of shame, thus worsening the legitimacy crisis in the country. They must be arrested. Because no one can confiscate the right of the Congolese people to sovereignly choose their leaders following free, democratic, transparent and credible elections. Shame on the fraudsters!”

The CENI have recently announced the invalidation of 82 candidates including several high-ranking government officials’ elections in National and Local polls after being found guilty of electoral malpractice.

The legitimacy of the Presidential Election results that saw Fèlix Tshisekedi re-elected by an unrealistic margin have since come under huge doubt with the opposition calling for a new round of elections.



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