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THERE WILL BE BLOODSHED: Tanganyika Governor Vows To Kill The Katangese Who Will Take To The Street To Claim Katumbi’s Victory

Tanganyika Province Governor Julie Ngungwa has sworn to eliminate any Katangese native who will take part in a march to protest against the ongoing catastrophic 2023 presidential election.

Residents of the Great Katanga region have planned to take to the streets on Wednesday to protest against the election and claim the victory of their chosen leader Moïse Katumbi of the Congo Ya Makasi coalition.

This follows the move by the Independent Electoral National Commission (CENI) decision to divert Katumbi’s votes in his stronghold to the incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi who has surprisingly taken the lead with figures that do not correspond with the actual voter tabulation.

However, Governor Ngungwa has sent a scathing warning to the opposition protestants and threatened to shoot down all that will take to streets on Wednesday.

Ngungwa revealed that government has banned all planned demonstrations by the opposition throughout the province and warned that the state will not hesitate to apply brutality to restrain its people.

Meanwhile, opposition candidates including Martin Fayulu, Dénis Mukwenge, Theodore Ngoy, Jean-Claude Baende and Nkema Liloo among others have confirmed they will defy the government order on Wednesday and protest against the ongoing electoral process.

The 2023 presidential election has been widely criticized by the international and local observers as well as the civil society having been characterized with several irregularities.



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