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THE FRAUD CONTINUES: Constitutional Court Admits Just 49 Out of Over 1000 Appeals From National Deputy Elections

The Congolese Constitutional Court has thrown out over 900 appeals contesting the elections of National Deputies in the shambolic 2023 General Elections held last year.

In an statement released this Tuesday 12th March, Constitutional Court President Dieudonné Kamuleta Badibanga, a puppet of Fèlix Tshisekedi, indicated that only 49 cases were declared admissible and well-founded out of a total of 1,123 filled appeals.

“The registry of the Constitutional Court has registered 1,123 files for the entire Republic. After examining the sample of certain appeals due to their complexities, it took note of 21 withdrawals. It declared 525 cases inadmissible and 400 cases admissible but unfounded.

All these judgments are fully written and reasoned with the possibility of being consulted at the registry,” Judge Kamuleta Badibanga declared, before pronouncing judgments for illustrative purposes.

The 2023 General Elections were marred with plenty irregularities including cases of electoral malpractice in which several key figure of the Fèlix Tshisekedi regime have been implicated.



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