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THE DRC ELECTION AND FAKE NEWS: Tshisekedi Resorts To Fabricating Images Of Katumbi’s Sell-Out Rallies

With slightly over a week before the Democratic Republic of Congo goes to the polls, there’s a lot of jostling in the media over who has been pulling huge crowds.

Undeniably, businessman and former Katanga province governor Moise Katumbi is a clear favourite in this election.

His meetings have drawn dozens of thousands upon dozens of thousands and the camp for outgoing President Félix Tshisekedi has certainly been unsettled.

They have accused Katumbi of using drone software that, according to them, exaggerates numbers at Katumbi’s rallies (one wonders why they can’t also use the same software if it ever exists for their rallies).

More desperately, Tshisekedi’s camp have even gone as far as getting a photo of a poorly attended rally of opposition leader Martin Fayulu’s rally and claim that it was Katumbi’s.

A close examination of the same picture shows that said image was taken 5 months ago.

Unfortunately, the intelligence wing of some neighboring countries has fallen for this trap, a lie.

Clearly, Katumbi is headed for a landslide victory unless the election is, of course, rigged.

Going by authentic pictures of Katumbi’s rallies, no amount of lies or fake news will erase his huge popularity.

That’s why at every turn, Tshisekedi’s camp keeps on singing Katumbi’s name – without them realizing they are actually campaigning for him – for free and making him even more and more popular!

Or is it that Felix Tshisekedi is living in denial that his power is hanging on by a thread?

Ironically, Katumbi has received overwhelming approval by the population in all the corners of the Democratic Republic of Congo compared to Tshisekedi.

Wherever Tshisekedi has gone, those who have showed up to listen to his speeches have either called him moyibi (thief), liar or failure.

The hostile reception Tshisekedi has received has prompted him to hold meetings in major cities in the night accompanied by heavy military presence.

In Bukavu, for instance, Tshisekedi’s team used Katumbi’s images to suggest it was their rally.

The technical staff of the Head of State also caused a blip when they featured a campaign advert of opposition leader Katumbi much to the applause of the population.

Observers have concluded that Katumbi is a clear favorite to win the elections set for December 20, 2023.


The fake image attributed to Katumbi’s rally in Kinshasa taken five months ago.


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