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SWEEPING CLEAN: President Tshisekedi & His Tribalism Must Go – Shadary

Opposition PPRD permanent secretary Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary says the people of Congo will give a verdict to President Felix Tshisekedi to exit power for failing to manage the country.

Shadary, a losing presidential candidate in the 2018 presidential election, says President Tshisekedi and his tribalism will be out of out of office in December 2023.

He has warned that any machinations to delay the election will not be entertained.

“We demand elections in December 2023. Felix Tshisekedi is already out. In December he will be a senator for life,” he said.

“We will go to the polls to sweep away the Tshisekedi dictatorship. We will be going to the polls to sweep out this corrupt tribalist regime. We will go to the elections to remove the thieves from power.”

Shadary rose to prominence when former president Joseph Kabila picked him to be the then ruling party candidate which President Tshisekedi controversially lost.



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