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STREET PROTEST:Fayulu Invokes Artice 64 Demanding Tshisekedi’s Exit On Jan 24

Opposition Ecide president Martin Fayulu has called his supporters to a street protest on Saturday demanding that President Felix Tshisekedi respects Article 64 of the constitution.

Fayulu says Tshisekedi must organize a free, transparent, inclusive and credible election that will be accepted by all.

He said a message will be strong if sent through mass protests to ensure Tshisekedi knows the people are determined to protect their constitution.

Fayulu says there is no law that gives Tshisekedi authority to stay in power beyond January 24, the day he clocks exactly five years in office.

Article 64 stipulates that all Congolese have the duty to oppose any individual or group of individuals who seize
power by force or who exercise it in violation of the provisions of this Constitution.

Further, the provision states that any attempt to overthrow the constitutional regime constitutes an offense against the nation
and the State, an offense which is not subject to the statute of limitations and is punished in
accordance with the law.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is scheduled to hold elections on December 20, 2023 but there are fears Tshisekedi will delay the poll.

A reign of terror has since emerged with opposition figures targeted for persecution with either with imprisonment or death.



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