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Former president Joseph Kabila has taken a quiet stance.

It is not known if he will contest the polls on December 20, 2023. It’s highly unlikely he will be making a political comeback.

He is the Life President of the senate. He sometimes lives in Katanga or Kinshasa and has often stayed out of the public eye. Others believe he will be a factor in the elections but others think his time is gone.

Whatever Kabila is up to makes President Felix Tshisekedi sick. He wants him on his side but he abandoned him after arranging for him to be President to punish Katangese for not voting Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary.

It is well known that President Tshisekedi did not win the 2018 elections. The presidency was given to him on a silver platter.

Now a problem between Katangese and Kasai’s is threatening the peace of the south east Congo. There was a massacre of 50 young people in Lubumbashi recently by Kasai dominated commandos.

The DRC is still dealing with the problems of the east and north. A litany of rebels have virtually taken over most parts of that region with the people living in fear as they are mercilessly killed.

Not even the UN or the so called East African Defence Force has helped matters.

Where is the Congo headed to? Katangese have started the call to breakaway and become an independent state as the case was between 1960 60 1963 when they merged to form what Mobutu Sese Seko named Zaire.

The Congo is on a brink of chaos.



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