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SCARED OF COMPETITION: Tshisekedi Tasks CENI To Exclude Katumbi & Leading Opposition Candidates From Presidential Race

Upcoming African dictator President Fèlix Tshisekedi is plotting to connive with the electoral commission CENI to eliminate top challenger Moïse Katumbi and other leading opposition candidates from the presidential race ahead of the forthcoming December 20 Elections.

Scared of competition after letting down the people of the DRC in his first term of office, Tshisekedi has instructed the Congolese electoral commission CENI and the Constitutional Court in the country have been to without fail invalidate the candidacies of the main opposition leaders in the upcoming presidential election.

Ensemble Pour la Republique party leader Moïse Katumbi, Matata Ponyo, Denis Mukwege and Martin Fayulu are Tshisekedi top targets and vehemently instructed that none of them escape the mill of his order regardless of the public opinion or what the law entails especially regarding democracy.

Desperate for a second term in office, Tshisekedi is determined to ensure his re-election does not face any competition by making his main challengers to bite the dust even before going to battle.

Tshisekedi’s ploy to eliminate top candidates from the presidential race will begin with the CENI General Assembly where two of the targeted opposition candidates will be declared ineligible to run for the presidency.

Meanwhile, a close source at the cabinet of the President commissioned at the Constitutional Court has revealed that instructions have been given by the Presidency to proceed with the invalidation of the main candidates in the presidential race.

The source revealed that Tshisekedi has instructed the Constitutional Court to false allegations about Katumbi’s nationality to eliminate him from the race.

“Moïse Katumbi submitted a certificate of nationality dated 2015 signed by Alexis Thambwe who, at the time, was Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals. A few months later, the minister canceled this document and since then Katumbi has not never requested or obtained another certificate” the source reveals.

Meanwhile, Tshisekedi has plotted to implicate former Prime Minister Matata Ponyo Mapon in order to keep him out of the race.

“The Court will first of all condemn former Prime Minister Matata [Ponyo] for his Bukanga Lonzo case” the source revealed.

It now remains to be seen how the supporters of the main opposition leaders Moïse Katumbi, Matata Ponyo Mapon, Denis Mukwege, and Martin Fayulu will react to the injustice of Tshisekedi.

However, it is overly certain that the supporters of leading opposition candidates will not sit idly with the political situatuon expected to be more hectic the coming days.



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