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SANCTIONS FOR CENI PRESIDENT: Kadima Should Not Tamper With The Elections In December

It’s good that the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) president Denis Kadima has received notification that global sanctions from the USA, European Union, the United Kingdom and other will beset him and his associates should the December 20, 2023 election not reflect the Will of the people.

Kadima should know that the sanctions slapped on Corneille Nangaa were child’s play. As Kadima pointed out last week that people have gone as far as Washington demanding that the international community to sanction him for organizing a chaotic electoral process, the world is watch the development obtaining in our country.

The people of Democratic Republic of Congo have suffered enough; many have died and millions are hungry. Only a credible, inclusive, transparent, free and fair election will help work towards ending the misery of our people. Anything short of the people’s will obtaining at the ballot will take us more than hundreds of steps backward.

And Kadima is at the centre of taking us forward or backward. The only difference this time around is that those like Kadima and many in the current government will face serious consequences at home and abroad for undermining the Will of the people should they dare tamper with the outcome of the election results.

Failure to uphold the people’s will in the December 20, 2023 elections will give rise to international legal suits identifying Kadima and others as accomplices to the war in east Congo. The Hague is waiting for such a file. The international community is awaiting compilation of such atrocities.

This is because anyone who tampers with the vote is endorsing the war; such a one is saying Congolese are happy dying mercilessly at the hands of rebels; they are happy dying in tribal disputes in west Congo, they are happy seeing UNAFEC and UDPS youths kill each other in Kilobelobe, they are happy watching commandos massacre UNAFEC youths in Haut-Katanga.

No, the Congolese are not happy. They can’t wait to be heard through the ballot. The Congolese are hungry and angry with President Felix Tshisekedi’s regime. You can tell the mood when you walk around these major cities.

Go to Kinshasa, go to Lubumbashi, go to Goma, go to Bukavu, go to Maniema, go Ituri, Bunagana, go to Kisangani, go to Matadi, Kolwezi or indeed Mbuji Mayi or Kasumbalesa, the hunger and anger is visible on the face of any Congolese.

Prices of mealie meal and other essential food have skyrocketed; there are no jobs for our young people and there is widespread insecurity. Yet Tshisekedi and his inner circle are partying at the Presidential Palace in Kinshasa.

Kadima should know that those who are in the majority are feeling the pinch. The minority are putting up a show claiming all is well. But that’s not the case with the majority. So, the actual decisions of the more than 40 million registered Congolese must be respected.

If Kadima fails to respect the Will of the majority, he should know that sanctions are coming his way for him and his family. In addition to sanction, a comprehensive file will be presented to the Hague. The human rights abuses and the blood of those who have died in east Congo will be on his head.

That’s why it was pleasant to hear him give hope. He has cried out to be respected that he is a man of integrity. That he should judged by what he does and nothing else. Yes, Kadima can say he is a man of integrity; Kadima can say he should not be judged based on tribe because he did not choose to be Kasai.

We don’t dispute that Kadima did not choose to be born as a Kasai. No one chooses to be born from a specific tribe. But the people of Congo have noticed how Kasais have behaved since President Tshisekedi became leader of our great country. Take a look at how many Kasais have been appointed to many positions of power.

So, we give Kadima the benefit doubt. We hope he will keep his word that the “winner in the ballot box, is the winner he will announce” failure to which sanctions await him and many others including a trip to the Hague.

A rich country in natural resources like the DRC can no longer fail to govern itself. We can’t be the only ones that should live like we are in the jungle when our friends and their democracies are recording some progress. Our elections should produce a “true winner”, not a “negotiated winner” or a “thief winner”.

Kadima – be advised. If you love yourself, your family and the Democratic Republic of Congo, respect the voice of those who will vote on December 20, 2023, otherwise serious sanctions and charges of being an accessory to human rights and crimes are coming your way.



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