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RELEASE BUJAKERA: Journalists Hold Rally At DRC Embassy in Paris Demanding Stanis Bujakera’s Release

Journalists from the Reporters Without Borders and Jeune Afrique have held a rally this afternoon at Democratic Republic of Congo in the French capital Paris, to demand for the immediate release of journalist Stanis Bujakera who has been unjustly imprisoned for over six months at Makala Prison in Kinshasa.

Dozens of journalists turned up for the demonstrations with a clear message saying “Free Stanis, this journalist risks 20 years in prison.”

With five days to go before the Court delivers its verdict on the trial with a proposed 20-year jail term for Bujakera, journalists around the world have condemned the trial of false accusations and continue to mobilize and demand for the release of their colleague.

“We know that the verdict will be pronounced in a few days, we still hope that the law will be vindicated. The file is empty, no proof of Stanis Bujakera’s guilt could be provided, he must be released,” indicated Anne Kappès-Grangé Editor-in-Chief of Jeune Afrique.

In its indictment proposed on 8th March, the public prosecutor requested an insane sentence of 20 years of main penal servitude against Stanis Bujakera for the summons of all the offenses with payment of one million Congolese francs as a fine.



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