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REAPING WHERE HE DID NOT SOW: Parasitic Fèlix Tshisekedi Trying To Ride On His Predecessor’s Works Ahead Of Lualaba Visit

After returning from New York, USA where he attended the 78th UN General Assembly as well as Belgium where he spent some leisurely time at his luxurious villa in Avenue Prince d’Orange, President Fèlix Tshisekedi Tshilombo is now set to embark on a mission filled with messages of deceit to the people of Katanga territory in Lualaba Province where he will launch his presidential campaigns.

Tshisekedi has deliberately opted to kickstart his campaign trail in the Katanga territory in order to commission a number of projects which he wants to falsely credit himself to have initiated.

In reality, Tshisekedi has barely even laid a foundation stone for the smallest of projects in Katanga and wants to apportion to himself credit for the work of his predecessor, President Joseph Kabila.

In scientific terms, Tshisekedi’s move can be described as an act of parasitism or just like a bird fond of laying its eggs in others’ nests.

Tshisekedi is set to commission projects including the Busanga Dam, a new terminal at the Kolwezi International Airport as well as the Lualaba Provincial Assembly building.

While Tshisekedi is expected to shamelessly flaunt himself to the people of Katanga as the man behind these projects it should be noted that former President Kabila facilitated the construction of the Busanga Dam while former Governor Richard Muyej pioneered works on the other two projects.

However, the people of Katanga will not be deceived by Tshisekedi for the credit he wants to allocate to himself in order to seek a new term of office.

The works at the three indicated projects had all been initiated and taken shape before the cunning interim Lualaba Province Governor Fifi Masuka Saini pitched up to add just a lick of paint to the buildings to which millions of dollars were exaggerated to have been spent.

The continued over-billing and exorbitant prices quoted by the provincial authorities have not come without warnings and concern but Tshisekedi remains unmoved by the embezzlement of public funds.



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