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PUTTING THE NATION FIRST: Katumbi Opts Against Contesting Fraudulent Presidential Election Results To Preserve Peace In The DR Congo

Opposition leader Moïse Katumbi’s party Ensemble Pour la Republique have resolved against contesting of the fraudulent 2023 Presidential Election results in a order to maintain peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With the situation in the east already tense amidst fighting between the DR Congo armed forces and the M23 rebels, the party have also authorized its elected members of the National Assembly not to boycott the seatings.

The Katumbi and the Ensemble Pour la Republique party held a two-day extraordinary meeting in Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga Province between 5th and 6th February to discuss key political issues in the aftermath of the chaotic polls.

At the meeting, Katumbi vowed to continue fighting for the democracy and the will of the Congolese people to reflect and be respected.

Katumbi urged the elected members of the assembly to without fail serve the people that have entrusted them with the responsibility of representing their communities.

The former Katanga Governor reiterated that the 2023 General Elections in which he came second with 18.08% of the votes, were rigged.

“If Fèlix Tshisekedi had really won, I would have been the first call him and to congratulate him. But we were robbed, there was no election. We are not naive, we know that there is a group opposite of individuals who want to kill our democracy” Katumbi said.

Meanwhile, Ensemble Pour la Republique party spokesperson Hervé Diakiese declared Tshisekedi as an illegitimate president who was holding the nation at ransom.

“We are facing a group that has taken the state hostage. Fèlix Tshisekedi is illegitimate but he is in office. We discuss with him as with a hostage take” Diakiese said.



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