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POLITICAL VIOLENCE: UDPS Militants Burn Tyres To Reject Opposition Visit

President Félix Tshisekedi’s militants have blocked opposition Envol leader Delly Sesanga from holding meetings in Kananga, a region known as the only stronghold of the ruling party.

Kananga is home to Kasai people. They are tribesmates with President Tshisekedi and have dominated presence in government positions since the UDPS took over prompting widespread protests of tribalism.

Sessanga arrived in the area on Saturday to campaign but was met with resistance by UDPS militants, an illegal youth wing that terrorizes civilians on behalf of the ruling party.

Sesanga is confident of continuing his campaign in Kananga, the capital of the province of Kasaï-Centrale, believing it was his constitutional right to reach out to any voters across the country.

He has anchored his message on the “refoundation of Congo” as one unit.

But his presence has attracted state sponsored protests.

The militants burnt tyres and closed public roads to prevent Sessanga from proceeding with his meeting. They stationed at the Mukenge Sha Bantu roundabout where they denounced the opposition.

“We don’t want him in our province. Let him go and do his theater elsewhere. No Sessanga here,” chanted UDPS activists.

The DRC goes to the polls on December 20, 2023 with the opposition accusing Tshisekedi and his lieutenants of attempting to hold on to power by hook or crook



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