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POLITICAL PRISONER: One Year After Jimmy Kitenge Was Kidnapped By ANR

As the country heads to the polls, President Felix Tshisekedi have increased their intimidation tactics.

They have imprisoned several critical voices and sent others into exile.

These are individuals who claim to be democrats. But we all know they are fake democrats. Instead, they are dictators in and out.

For no apparent reason but to show they can rule with an iron fist, they have kept Moise Katumbi’s special advisor Salomon Kalonda Della in prison.

They have kept Mike Mukebayi in prison. Just a few days ago, they released Franck Diongo after torturing him to the point of death. They feared he will die in their hands the same way Chérubin Okende died in their hands.

As we remember these and many others in prison and exile, are are prompted to remember Jimmy Kitenge, a member of former president Joseph Kabila’s PPRD.

They can claim and cheat that they are democrats, but the results of their dictatorship and ruthless rule is seen by everyone.



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