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POLITICAL OPPONENTS NOT ENEMIES: Katumbi Calls For Peace Amongst Presidential Candidates As Election Enters Crucial Stage

Opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi has urged his fellow presidential bidders in the upcoming 2023 General Elections to conduct themselves and their supporters in a peaceful manner ahead of the polls.

Less two months away from the presidential election set for 20th December, Katumbi congratulated the other 25 candidates that are vying for the President and challenged them to bring together the people of DRC rather than indulging in divisive politics.

“Dear compatriots, I would like to congratulate the other candidates in the election presidential for the selection of their candidacies and their remember that we are all daughters and sons of this country. We we are not enemies, but simply political opponents” Katumbi said.

“Elections cannot and must not be the basis of divisions, but rather the confirmation of our maturity politics as daughters and sons of the same Nation.”

Katumbi called for the spirit unity during the elections and spoke strongly against politics of tribalism and regionalism.

“I therefore appeal for national cohesion and unity if dearly acquired and which are undermined by anti-values ​​including tribalism and nepotism.

We all owe it to ourselves to raise awareness among our teams campaign and our activists to mutual respect and exchanges constructive for the good of our country” he said.

Meanwhile, Katumbi has also rallied his fellow candidates to be vigilant in the electoral process to ensure the full will of the people is reflects the results that will be recorded at the end of the polls.

“Furthermore, I would ask all candidates to get involved in the electoral process so that the truth of the ballot boxes are respected and observed by all” he said.

A total of 26 candidates have successfully had their candidacies validated and will be running to become the DRC’s sixth republican president.



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