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OPPOSITION MARCH: Martin Fayulu Ready To Partner With Katumbi In Protest Against Catastrophic Elections

Opposition Lamuka Coalition candidate Martin Fayulu says he is ready to partner with other opposition candidates, particularly Moïse Katumbi, to protest the recent shambolic 2023 DR Congo Presidential Elections.

Fayulu revealed this Monday afternoon a planned marched that to be arranged by the opposition including Dénis Mukwenge, Theodore Ngoy plus others to protest the ongoing electoral process that has been marred with several irregularities.

Speaking in an interview, Fayulu did not rule out the option of joining forces, particularly with the popular Katumbi camp who have claimed victory in the presidential election.

“We all demand that these elections be reorganized. We are ready to join forces. We started some discussions. If people agree, we are there and we will welcome them with open arms,” said Fayulu.

“What we are planning for December 27 here in Kinshasa, we could duplicate it everywhere across the country. Some could do it in Lubumbashi, others in Goma, and so on,” he said.

Fayulu added that no external forces will prevent the opposition from holding the solidarity march this Wednesday.

“Whether we are prevented or not, we will march. It is the Congolese people who want to march. It is he who wants to apply article 64 of the constitution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Katumbi Ensemble Pour la Republique party through spokesperson have since welcomed the move by Fayulu and other opposition candidates.

In the meantime, calls for restraint are increasing.

In his Christmas 2023 message, Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, Archbishop of Kinshasa, called on the population to be cautious and to wait for reports from electoral observation missions to measure the degree of credibility of the elections.

The Economic Commission of Central African States (ECCAS), in a press release on the same Monday, called on stakeholders in the electoral process to avoid violence in all its forms and to resort to legal channels in the event of contesting the published results by CENI.



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