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OPINION: Tshisekedi Is Sowing Seeds Of Discord & Indictment On His Regime By Repeating That Katumbi Is A Foreign Candidate

Political communicators believe they are disqualifying candidate Moise Katumbi Chapwe by repeating that he is a foreigner. This argument is dangerous and suicidal for those who develop or duplicate it. How?

If Moise Katumbi is a foreigner, then the CENI and the Constitutional Court have validated the candidacy of a foreigner, in violation of the Constitution and Congolese laws.

The leaders of these republican institutions are therefore guilty of betrayal of the laws of the Republic. However, the Constitutional Court found nothing that could support the accusations brought before it, according to which Moise Katumbi is not Congolese. In its independence, the Congolese High Court declared the Law and validated the candidacies for the Presidency of the Republic of 26 Congolese including Moise Katumbi Chapwe. He closed the street debates…

Therefore, the Constitutional Court respected the Congolese Constitution and the laws of the Republic. The Constitutional Court put an end to the xenophobic and racist debate propagated by a few political operators who sow the seeds of division and the weakening of social harmony.

The ruling of the Constitutional Court cannot be the subject of repeated political misunderstandings without undermining the credibility of this High Court. It is a shame that even those who are in republican institutions continue to fuel hatred, xenophobia and racism by indirectly repeating that our Constitutional Court allowed a foreigner to run for the Supreme Magistrate in our country.

Can’t the electoral campaign be played out on an ethical level that respects ALL CONGOLESE DIVERSITY, OUR INSTITUTIONS and promotes national unity? To think that the Congo is a country of only people with black skin, excluding all others, is a dangerous racist drift. It is choosing to forget that the Congo is a complexity dispersed throughout the world which, in return, works on the complexity of social relationships and internal mixtures.

The Congo is a complexity of growth and mixtures that make us, all, products of multiple encounters and crossings, biological, cultural, sociological, linguistic. And that’s so much the better for the Republic. Diversity is a strength!

Everything is just a mixture of complexity, in the Latin sense of the term: complexus, that which is woven together.

Written by Professor Emmanuel M. Banywesize



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