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[OPINION] RELEASE SALOMON DELLA: Katumbi’s Special Advisor Was Tshisekedi’s Trumpcard To Eliminate Opposition Leader

It’s evil and confirmation that President Felix Tshisekedi is nothing but a blood-sucking vampire as he continues holding his personal prisoner Salomon K. Della in jail even when the special advisor to Ensemble pour la Republique leader Moise Katumbi is bed-ridden, gasping for dear life.

Tshisekedi’s scheme was to use Salomon as a conduit to slap Katumbi with charges of attempting to topple his government by allegedly being in concert with rebels in east Congo. Since May, Tshisekedi and his men have tried hard to find this non-existent evidence. And as expected, they have found none because it is a figment of their own imagination. So why have they continued holding Salomon hostage even when the man is on his hospital bed? Could this be confirmation that Tshisekedi is after Salomon’s blood the same way he went for Cherubin Okende’s blood?

Lest we forget. Tshisekedi must know that the world is watching. If he is blind to reality, let him as his Deputy Vice-President Jean Pierre Bemba who is Minister of Defense. Bemba was sent to the jail at the Hague in Europe. If Tshisekedi continues on this blood sucking journey, he, too, will end up at the Hague. We urge the international community to take stock of Tshisekedi’s mondus operandi to waste Congolese blood to satisfy his evil appetite.

Yesterday, we watched with sadness the kangaroo court set up to punish Salomon. At the so called trial, the medical certificate from the attending physician requesting to excuse Salomon from the trial was contested by the court which requested a second opinion.

We are told the process has gone through 19 specialist doctors from three hospitals (Cliniques Kinoise 8, Cliniques Universitaires 2 and Maman Yemo9) who have certified after diagnosis that the defendant is on his dying bed.

Faced with this situation, Salomon’s lawyers have requested three months of treatment for their client’s recovery. However, Tshisekedi’s ‘public’ prosecutor has contested. Of course acting under instructions, the public prosecutor asked the court to continue with trial while Salomon is on his hospital bed under a breathing apparatus.

This a scandalous request which confirms that this is a trial of shame. We await the ruling on Wednesday. November 8, 2023 on this preliminary request. However, we agree with senior Ensemble official Christian Mwando Nsimba that this was meant to implicate Katumbi and consequently block him.

Now that the validation of candidates is over and Katumbi, thanks to people power, is among the 25 candidates, Salomon must be freed!



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