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OPERATION BLOCK KATUMBI: Tshisekedi, Electoral Officials & Constitutional Court Judges Meet To Eliminate Popular Opposition Leader From 2023 Race

President Félix Tshisekedi and his team have continued with their scheme to eliminate popular opposition leader Moise Katumbi from contesting the December 20, 2023 presidential elections.

After filing of nominations concluded on Monday, October 9, 2023, the Constitutional Court will publish the confirmed candidates in two weeks time.

Sources in the Congolese judiciary and government have disclosed that the Tshisekedi scheme seeks to stop Katumbi from being among those on the final ballot to be unveiled by the Constitutional Court.

The sources disclosed that Katumbi’s nomination was currently being scrutinized for possible exclusion.

Constitutional Court, CENI officers and members of Tshisekedi’s inner circle met yesterday to implement the anti-Katumbi plan.

Two issues arising from the team is to establish travel documents Katumbi was using when in exile between 2015 and 2019. They hope to establish a constitutional anomaly that will invalidate the candidature of the most popular candidate on the 24 name list.

Legal experts are also delving into court cases such as the one that was closed which alleged he was training mercenaries in 2016 and another that involved his business both of which ended in his favour.

Some Democratic Republic of Congo government sources are skeptical applying the plan fearing a backlash from the population.

“We have too many civil disputes that have resulted in deaths across the country. We can’t risk creating another opportunity for an implosion in the country.

“But it looks like some people have an I don’t care attitude. They are determine to keep Katumbi out of the race,” a source said.

The source warned that millions of lives will be lost if the candidature of Katumbi is tampered with because the people have asked for a free, fair, credible and inclusive election and expect nothing less.

Tshisekedi is, however, said to be unconcerned about the possibility of a hostile reaction by the population should the plan to eliminate Katumbi go ahead.



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