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OPERATION BLOCK KATUMBI: Pres. Tshisekedi & Tribesmate Tshani Plan To Block Popular Opposition Leader From Contesting DRC 2023 Election

Following what Congolese observe was a strong statement that has sent shivers to the ruling party, President Felix Tshisekedi and his surrogates led by politician Noella Tshani have devised a plan to reintroduce a law that targets opposition leader Moise Katumbi from contesting the December 20, 2023 election.

Katumbi, leader of the opposition Ensemble Pour le Republic (Together for the Republic), pulled thousands of supporters that accompanied him to Ruashi township in his stronghold of Grand Katanga when to register as a voter in the election.

A hurried attempt by Haut Katanga governor Jacques Kyabula Katwe and presidential advisor Danny Banza who hired thugs to disrupt Mr. Katumbi’s motorcade as he headed to Ruashi failed on Thursday.

Sources disclosed that the thugs were outnumbered by the sea of people who turned out to rally Mr. Katumbi during the exercise. Their alternative plan, according to sources, were also thwarted because Mr. Katumbi used a public mini-bus to reach the registration center.

“He [Mr. Katumbi] was hiding on a public transport which is a Hiace bus to keep away from being prevented from registering because we wanted to stop him because he has a false Congolese nationality,” one of the plotters of the scheme said.

After the plan was thwarted and Mr. Katumbi registered effectively confirming he was Congolese who should participate in the election, President Tshisekedi and his team plan to sponsor demonstrations calling for investigations of how the opposition leader successfully got his voter’s card.

“Only a Congolese can register so Mr. Katumbi is Congolese but this has not worked well for UDPS and its leader who now wants to stop him using something like the Tshani law,” the source said.

The plan, according to sources, is to find a way of re-introducing the Tshani law which sought to exclude Congolese whose parents were of an origin of another country.

Mr. Katumbi’s father, the late Mr. Nissim Soriano had jewish heritage, emigrated to Congo from Greece in the early 1900s where he settled and established his family. It’s this part of his history that the ruling party has attempted to use to eliminate him from participating in national politics.

The Tshani law failed to pass through the Congo parliament. Some Congolese who have opposed any attempt say it would risky to device any attempt to block Mr. Katumbi.

“We had given President Tshisekedi chance and had believed in him but he disappointed us. The Congo deserves a responsible, hardworking, conscious and visionary leader like Moise Katumbi,” one supporter said.

Another said if the United States of America allowed Barack Obama, a child of an Kenyan immigrant to rule the powerful country on earth, why should the Congo be different.

“The Kasaïans feel threatened as they have just enlisted the man from Kashobwe Moise Katumbi. They have to prepare their suitcases to return to Mupompa on foot. We are going to track down.

“Who are you to refuse if America was led by a native of Kenya. Is it you who wants to claim nationality stop being so stupid if you are looking for visibility.

“Stop ridiculing the Republic. It’s very shameful. How can a Republic enlist someone who has a false nationality or dubious nationality? This question directly calls into question the competence of this regime to manage and control the country,” another Congolese said.

“You are going to die with your hatred and your tribalism, moreover even your so-called members of the UDPS have lined up behind the future president of the Democratic Republic of Congo. All the people are tired of this regime of pleasure seekers, mediocrity, imposters. Here is the hope that is reborn.”

Another says God protected the future president and now the UPDS have fooled themselves with a botched plan.



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