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ON THE EVE OF ELECTION: Kenya Rejects Tshisekedi’s Request To Arrest Nangaa, “We Are A Democracy, We Don’t Arrest People For Just Making A Statement”

Kenyan President William Ruto has rejected outgoing Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi’s demand to arrest former CENI president Corneille Nangaa for announcing the formation of a political movement in the company of representatives of the notorious M23 rebel leaders.

Nangaa announced the formation of the “Congo River Alliance” project which he described as a platform for “national unity and stability”.

He was joined at the launch by M23 “president” Bertrand Bisimwa.

The meeting riled the Congolese government who summoned the Kenyan ambassador in Kinshasa whom they threatened to expel.

Ruto reacted to the development stating that arresting Nangaa on Kenyan soil for making a statement was anti-democratic advising Tshisekedi not confuse Kenya for DRC where people with divergent views were thrown in prison.



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